The Golaem For Unreal plugin allows to do handle crowds in two different ways:

  • playing and interacting with simulations serialized from Golaem For Maya using the Golaem Engine. All attributes of the crowd simulation can be overriden and driven by Unreal Engine native tools (blueprints, scripts...) to generate unique and dynamic simulations. This is achieved using the Golaem Simulation node in Unreal Engine.
  • replaying exported Simulation Caches generated with Golaem For Maya using the Simulation Exporter. The advantage of this method is that it avoids baking out geometry in order to render crowds with Unreal Engine. This is achieved using the Golaem Cache node in Unreal Engine.

Supported Versions

Check the Release Notes to see which Golaem and Unreal Engine versions are compatible together.

Source Code

Please contact our support with your GitHub account in order to be granted access.


For now, some features of Golaem are not supported, this includes:


The figure below details the workflow of the render of Golaem simulations with Unreal Engine.