Simulation Cache Library File (.gscb)

Simulation Cache Library File (.gscb) is a JSON file which stores a library of previously exported Simulation Cache Files and their Layout Files as Library Items. Those items can then be drag and dropped in a scene. It can be generated using the Simulation Cache Library Tool or every time a Simulation Cache is exported using the Simulation Exporter.

And the corresponding .gscb file:

    "items": [
            "cacheDir": "N:/assets/GolaemCharacterPack-6.3.3/export/DEMO_cityLocomotion/cache",
            "cacheName": "sampleTODELETE",
            "characterFiles": "N:/assets/GolaemCharacterPack-6.3.3/golaem/characters/CasualMan_Light.gcha",
            "crowdFields": [
            "destTerrain": "",
            "enableLayout": true,
            "endFrame": 30,
            "image": "somebinarydata",
            "layoutFile": "N:/test/layout.gscl",
            "nbEntities": 1,
            "sourceTerrain": "",
            "startFrame": 1,
            "tags": [],
            "type": "SimCacheLibItem"
          ... another item
    "libFile": "N:/tests/nicolas/library/library.gscb",
    "libFileDirty": false,
    "type": "SimCacheLib"

The Python modules glm.simCacheLib and glm.simCacheUtils allows to create and manipulate Library Files.