ChOp Input

The Channel Operator Input allows to input any kind of value into the graph of Channel Operators (ChOps).

A Channel Operator Input seen in the Channel Operator Editor (left) and in the Maya Node Editor (right)



A Channel Operator Input defines the following specific attributes (accessible trough the Maya Attribute Editor). For common attributes see Channel Operator Common Attributes.

Input Attributes

Input Type

The Operand part of an Expression which returns the value. It can be any of the following :

  • a constant value (Float or Vector)
  • a Golaem Attribute
  • a PP Attribute
  • a Golaem Channel
  • a Crowd Ramp value
  • a MEL expression returning a float value or a vector3 value
  • a Python expression returning a float or a vector3 value
  • an empty value if using the driven attribute (see below)

It is advised to use the combo-box to explicitly state the type of the Operand, otherwise Golaem will try to automatically determine it (but may fail sometimes).


The Operand part of an Expression which returns the value. Please check out the Expression help page for a more detailed help (beware that expression operators won't work here, only operands).

Driven Attribute

When the Expression is left empty, this is the value that is used for this Channel Operator. It can be filled manually or connected to any other Maya object to automatically get its value.

Ramp Attributes


Crowd Ramps which can be used to feed Expressions.

Use the "Add New Ramp" button and the trash icon to add or remove ramps.
Use the ">" button to select the related Crowd Ramp node and access to its attributes..

Advanced Attributes

Execute At Frame Start

If the Expression is of type MEL or Python, specify if the script code should be run before or after the Golaem Simulation Step.