Known Issues

Rearranging Behaviors in the Outliner

Moving behaviors in the Outliner in order to arrange them in a different way (e.g. re-parenting behaviors under other behaviors as in Figure 15), may induce errors and failures in your Golaem Scene.
Example of Invalid Rearrangement of Behaviors.

Physics Simulation is not 100% Reproductible

Due to the use of the a physics engine (and the difference of CPU usage at each simulation sample), the ragdoll behavior does not produce EXACTLY the same result between two simulations with the same set of parameters. Nevertheless, notice that the differences will be very slight, even sometimes unnoticeable.

XRay mode in the viewport is badly handled by golaem simulation / cache

Rendering transparency / translucency in Maya Viewport / OpenGL is costly, as it requires sorting each polygon before rendering, based on the distance to the camera. As Golaem is intended for heavy geometries, it would simply kill the performance on most cases, which makes no sense. Moreover, even if Golaem was sorting those faces, it may still be wrong compared to other maya meshes as it would be render in a unspecified order. As a workaround, one may use the "Mesh Render previz" display mode on the entity types or cache, which will produce a complete maya geometry, which is handled correctly in xray mode. However, there will still be a huge performance and memory impact on heavy scenes.

Ramp Control in SetBone Behavior does not save Control Points at (0;0)

Due to a Maya bug, creating a control point at position 0 with a value of 0 will not be saved within the Maya file. Putting any other position or value different than 0 (even really small) will fix the problem:

The CharacterMaker Geometry Tab does not react when clicked

It may happens that when clicking on the Geometry Tab to switch the CharacterMaker to geometry mode, it does not react, as if it were grayed out.

It is caused by a bug in the UI library Golaem is relying on. Usually clicking at the very top of the Geometry Tab is enough to make it works. In other cases you may need to change the Character Maker mode (Character / Motion / Motion Mapping) and get back to Character Mode to make it works.

Because this is not 100% reproductible and apparently happens very randomly, we could not fix this bug yet (or asked the UI library to fix it). If you know how to reproduce it reliably, do not hesitate to drop us an email!

The Layout Tool manipulators react weirdly when Entities are selected with the 'Soft Select' option on

When selecting Entities in 'Soft Select' mode in Cache Replay and translating / rotating / scaling them with the Layout Tool, the result of the transformation within the viewport will be jerky. The workaround is to disable 'Soft Select' in the Selection Tool and reselect the Entities.

Blendshapes can only be evaluated after skinning within Golaem

Even if Maya allows to order deformations in any way, this is not supported in FBX, USD and Golaem. Blendshapes deformation will always happen after skinning so make sure not to change the default order in Maya.

The MAYA_VP2_USE_VP1_SELECTION environment variable interferes with Golaem Component selection

As viewport 1.0 has been deprecated by Autodesk in recent versions of Maya, Golaem does not support this technology. If vp1 style selection is enabled in a Maya session, Golaem component selection will not work properly. Remove this variable from the environment to fix this.

Other Issues

For any other issue, please contact us