Simulation Cache Proxy Manager

The Simulation Cache Proxy Manager is a handler node connected to all newly created Simulation Cache Proxy nodes. Its goal is to regroup in one place the most commonly shared attributes of Simulation Cache Proxy nodes such as the Display or the Terrain attributes.


Ex The Simulation Cache Proxy Manager is automatically created when required.


Time Attributes

Frame Current frame to display

Terrain Attributes

Adaptation Mode

Default terrain adaptation mode which is applied to the cached Entities. The available modes are:

  • None: Entities will not be adapted on the new ground, they will keep their original height
  • Snap Height (default): Entities will be snapped on the new ground's height (the pelvis to ground distance will be preserved, but feet might not be on the ground)
  • Snap Height And Ori: Entities will be snapped on the new ground's height, and their orientations will change to match the ground's normal
  • With IK: entity will be ground adapted by using IKs on each of their legs (the original foot-to-ground distance will be kept for each foot)

Notice that this mode can be changed on a per-character basis using the Ground Adaptation Layer of the Layout Editor.

Orient Pelvis On Terrain Normal If checked the Entities will also be oriented along the normal of the Terrain
Destination Terrain File path to the terrain geometry on which the Entities will be adapted when using the Simulation Cache Layout Tool. If none is specified, Entities will be adapted to the Source Terrain file. This file can be updated using the Export Destination Terrain below.
Export Source Terrains

When a Simulation Cache Proxy is created, the Terrain geometry used for the Simulation (defined in a Terrain Locator) is automatically exported as the Source Terrain. If the Simulation Terrain geometry changes, this Source Terrain needs to be updated. This button exports all Source Terrain for all active Simulation Cache Proxies.

Export Destination Terrain Exports the currently selected Maya geometry meshes as a Destination Terrain file. The new Terrain File will be used to adapt the edited Entities on. The Terrain is automatically exported in the same directory than the Simulation Cache Files of the node.
Refresh Terrain Flush the Terrain cache used for adaptation and reload it
Draw Terrain If checked the Destination Terrain will be displayed in the viewport

Display Attributes

Display Mode See here.
Display Color Attribute The PP attribute containing the display color. The default is rgbPP. This attribute must be exported in the Simulation Cache Exporter
Display Color Weight See here.
Hide Killed Entities Do not display the entities in the kill list.
Draw Selected Entities BBox Draw the geometry bounding box around the selected entities

Advanced Attributes

Dirmap Rules Current dirmap rules to relocate Geometry file (.fbx) absolute paths stored in the Character Files (.gcha) at render time.