The glmCrowdSettings command allows to query and edit the values of the Crowd Settings Window:
various glmCrowdSettings [-getAttr string] [-setAttr string] [-value string]


Long name (short name) Argument types Properties Description
-getAttr (-gat) string   Attribute to get. Available attributes are: customBehaviorsDir, customTriggersDir, customBehaviorsSaveOptions.
-setAttr (-sat) string   Attribute to set. Available attributes are: customBehaviorsDir, customTriggersDir, customBehaviorsSaveOptions
-value (-v) string mandatory when setAttr is set Value of the attribute to set

Return Value

This command returns either:
  • a string if -getAttr is set
  • a boolean value if -setAttr is set

MEL Examples

glmCrowdSettings -getAttr "customBehaviorsDir";
// Result: N:/tests/customs/behaviors //
glmCrowdSettings -setAttr "customBehaviorsDir" -value "N:/tests/otherCustoms/behaviors"`;
// Result: 1 //

Python Examples

import maya.cmds as cmds
# Result: N:/tests/customs/behaviors #
cmds.glmCrowdSettings(setAttr="customBehaviorsDir", value="N:/tests/otherCustoms/behaviors")
# Result: 1 #