Motion Skeleton Mapping

A Motion Skeleton Mapping is a node containing a character file (.gcha) that provides information about the skeleton morphology contained in the Motion Clip file (pelvis, support phases, ...) and helps replaying the animation on a different morphology.


  • In the Motion Clip Attribute Editor, click on the "+" button of the SkeletonMapping attribute
  • MEL command: glmSkeletonMappingCmd;

Notice that most of the time it is useless to create a Motion Skeleton Mapping manually as the Motion Clip provides an interface to handle Motion Skeleton Mappings.


Skeleton Mapping Attributes

Motion Skeleton Mapping Golaem character file (.gcha) to use when do the mapping of an animation on another morphology
Support Sequence Mode

Method to extract the support sequence in the animations:

  • Automatic: Automatically find the support sequence on each leg
  • Manual: Use the support speed and height thresholds to determine the support sequence on each leg
  • From Attribute: A property will be searched on each bone to determine its support sequence
  • None: no support sequence will be extracted
Support Property Name Property name storing the support phase for each leg (should be >0.5 when on support, <0.5 when on fly).
Support Speed Threshold Speed of a Limb's end bone under which a foot support is detected
Support Height Threshold Height of a Limb's end bone under which a foot support is detected

Miscellaneous Attributes

Auto Rename If checked, the Motion Clip node will be automatically renamed with the name of the motion file, each time it is changed