The mayaToGda command is a Python command that allows to export the Golaem simulation from a Maya scene to a GDA file. The GDA file can be run using the Golaem Engine.

mayaToGda(gdaExportParams: GDAExportParams)

The GDAExportParams structure contains the following parameters which control the GDA export:

  • _useRelativePaths: use relative paths in the GDA file (defaults to True)
  • _copyResources: copy all the files needed to run the GDA file into the export directory (defaults to True)
  • _fileDir: the directory where to export the GDA file. The resulting GDA file will be exported to [_fileDir]/[sceneName]/[sceneName].gda


import glm.gda.mayaToGda as gda

gdaExportParams = gda.GDAExportParams()
gdaExportParams._fileDir = "D:/tests/GDA/MayaExports"