GDA Attributes Window

The GDA Attributes window allows to:

  • set which GDA Attributes are made public, thus available for other DCCs running the Golaem Engine. Public GDA Attributes can be overridden in these DCCs.
  • set GDA Attribute aliases which can be used instead of the real GDA Attribute names in other DCCs running the Golaem Engine for better readability or shorter names

The GDA Attributes window lists all the nodes of the GDA file to export, along with their attributes and types in a tree view.

GDA Properties

Name Name of the GDA Node (), Container () or Attribute (). 
Type Type of the GDA Node, Container or Attribute.
Public When checked, the GDA Attribute is set public.
Alias Alternative name for a GDA Attribute.

Public attributes and aliases are saved within the Maya scene on the Crowd Manager Node.

Search bar

The search bar allows to search for any node or attribute by name, type or alias or public attributes with the public keyword.