Motion Time Trigger

The Motion Time Trigger enables to stop a behavior by returning true when a motion behavior (Motion Behavior, Synchronized Motion Behavior) has been running for a certain amount of time.

Notice that this Trigger returns true when an amount of time of running has been reached. If you set the Percent attribute to 100% on a Motion Behavior which plays a Motion Clip of 50frames, the Trigger will only return true once the Behavior has been played for 50 frames (even if the last frame of the Motion Clip has been played). To stop a Behavior at a specific frame of a Motion Clip, use the Expression Trigger instead.

This trigger has no meaning as a starting trigger, as the behavior has not yet run.


  • Behavior Editor / Trigger Library: 
  • Golaem Menu: Crowd Triggers / Triggers / CrowdTri MotionTime Node
  • MEL command: glmCrowdTriMotionTimeCmd;


A Motion Time Trigger defines the following specific attributes. For common attributes see Trigger Common Attributes.

Motion Time Attributes

Percent The trigger will return true if X% of the length of the motion behavior is reached 

The trigger will return true if the behavior has been running for X seconds;


The trigger will return true if the behavior has been running for X frames.

The resulting time for testing is the sum of the percent parameter, the seconds parameter and the frames parameter.