Result of a BlindData layout node

The BlindData node allows to edit blind data values on the affected Entities (blend shapes, for instance, are a kind of blind data that can be edited with this node).

Add node

BlindData node in the Layout Graph Edition panel

Node parameters

The BlindData node has no blind data to edit when newly created. To add blind data:

  • connect it to a valid selector;
  • set it in the execution graph
  • right click on the node, and click on "Create parameters for all blind data". This will extract blind data from the first entity in the selection, and they will be added to the node:

Left: Create the blind data parameters for a specific entity / Right: BlindData node once blind data parameters are created

Parameters are accessible by clicking on the node in the Layout Graph Edition panel:

Rotate node parameters

Name Name of the node
Active Whether the node is active or not
Operation Mode

Mode of setting the modified blind data:

  • Add: will only add the parameter's value to the existing blind data in the frame data
  • Set: will erase the existing blind data and replace it by the parameter's value
Random Seed Random seed to use to pick a noise value per entity. Changing this parameter will change the distribution of noise on the entities.

The label of the parameters are constituted of 3 part, separated by "-":

  • the blind data name, it's only used for the user interface and has no use internally
  • the blind data index is what is used internally to address the correct blind data
  • the type of value, which can be of 3 kinds:
    • the blind data value (name-#-blindData)
    • the noise on the blind data value (name-#-blindDataNoise)
    • the noise on the blind data frames (name-#-blindDataFramesNoise)

So that's a total of 3 parameters for each blind data found in the entity's skeleton (.gcha) file.

  • name-#-blindData : value of blind data to set
  • name-#-blindDataNoise : amount of noise around the blind data value (each entity will randomly pick a value between blindData - 0.5*blindDataNoise and blindData + 0.5*blindDataNoise )
  • name-#-blindDataFramesNoise : amount of noise on the frame values of the blind data (when the blind data is keyframed, each entity will randomly pick a value between  -0.5*blindDataFramesNoise and +0.5*blindDataFramesNoise and add this value to each key frame)

This parameter is keyframable, check the page explaining how to handle the keyframes in Maya