Crowd Levels Manager

The Crowd Levels Manager handles the different levels of simulation/cache/layout amount the scene.


The Crowd Levels Manager is automatically created as a dependency of the Crowd Manager.


Crowd Mode Simulation mode or Cache Replay mode
Current Level Current level in the stack of levels
Levels Stack Shows all levels currently available in the scene.
Each level may contain a simulation (in orange), and a cache (in blue). The checkbox allows to select the level/mode for an automatic refresh (see )
The current level and mode is displayed larger than the others.
A double click on any level and mode will switch the scene into the clicked one, and will allow to edit its name.
Check/Uncheck All Will check or uncheck all levels in the stack to allow a full refresh (see )
Add a Crowd Level If the last level has a cache, this will create a new level with a simulation that replays the last level's cache

Refresh all currently selected levels.
For each simulation, the cache will be re-exported, and the layout re-applied before importing it into the next simulation level.

Detach the level's manager window as a dockable widget