Node-locked license setup

Install a node-locked Golaem license

Set the golaem_LICENSE environment variable to the license path, e.g. C:\Golaem\myLicense.lic (see how to set environment variables).

If your license expires, Golaem will draw a PLE License (and warn you in various way) which will contaminate your scenes when you save them. To avoid this, you can set the GLMCROWD_NO_LICENSE environment variable to 1.


You can check this video in order see in practice how to setup an environment variable, and how to avoid the PLE watermarking.


Check license status

Open the About Window (Golaem Menu / About)

The About Window will display the license status and the error message (if there's one).


For further information, please check our the begining (license status + user computer setup) of our license troubleshooting section