Set Mesh Assets

Original, and result of a SetMeshAssets layout node, picking left entity assets and setting assets on all entities

The SetMeshAssets node allows to override the full set of Mesh Assets for affected entities. It is meant to duplicate all mesh assets from a specific entity to others.

Add node

SetMeshAssets node in the Layout Graph Edition panel

Node parameters

Parameters are accessible by double-clicking on the node in the Layout Graph Edition panel:

This node edition has some limitations : it needs to be in the active layout graph branch (i.e. prior to root node and active), and have valid entities in previous selector, to display the proper mesh names instead of indices. It is mandatory for edition, as the UI will only allow to add '0' indices if not plugged (because the node does not know the number of available meshes in that case). Entities in the previous selector must all share the same character file, or the mesh assets would have different names depending on the character file used, which generally makes no sense.

SetMeshAsset node parameters

Name Name of the node
Active Whether the node is active or not
SourceMeshAssetIndices The complete list of mesh asset indices meant to replace the current selection ones. "Pick From Selected Entity" helper will copy and replace all indices from the selected entity into the node.