External Entity Locator

An External Entity Locator is a Golaem Entity that tracks a Maya mesh or group of meshes. The External Entity Locator is taken into account in avoidance when using a Navigation Behavior, in perception and Sensor Channel Operators as a voxelized geometry. This locator has a position (which is obtained for a tracked Maya DAG object) and a radius for avoidance, and a voxel representation which approximates the mapped meshes for perception and sensor ChOps. This node is useful when to avoid moving external Maya objects. It's recommended to use the NavMesh representation if the geometry is static.


  • Golaem Menu: External Entity Locator
  • MEL command: glmExternalEntityLocatorCmd;
If a DAG Object is selected when the external entity locator is created, locator will automatically use this DAG object as tracked object. If several objects are selected, only the first selected object is used.
Connections between an external entity locator and its tracked object


General Attributes

Tracked Object A Maya mesh or group of meshes, tracked in position and orientation. Each mesh must be convex and closed, with its normals pointing outwards, otherwise the voxel approximation might be incorrect.
Max Voxel Per Axis

The maximum voxel count along each axis. The voxels approximate the tracked Maya geometry. 

Example of voxel representation

Statistics Displays the computed voxel size and the total number of voxels that approximate the input geometry (according to the Max Voxel Per Axis parameter).

Display Attributes

Display Color Defines the color of the External Entity Locator in Maya's viewport.
Display Color Alpha Defines the alpha color value of the displayed voxels.
Display Voxels When enabled, draws the voxels in Maya's viewport.


If the External Entity moves faster than Entities, or if Entities are really constrained, they may not manage to correctly avoid the External Entity: thus, collisions may occur. In that case, Entities will be stopped until the collision ends.