Polygon Zone Trigger

The Polygon Zone trigger enables to start or stop a behavior by returning true when the position of the root bone of an Entity is contained in a polygon zone (the polygon zone being represented by a Maya polygon) or a group of polygons. 


  • Behavior Editor / Trigger Library: 
  • Golaem Menu: Crowd Triggers / Triggers / CrowdTri PolygonZone Node
  • MEL command: glmCrowdTriPolygonZoneCmd;


A Polygon Zone Trigger defines the following specific attributes. For common attributes see Trigger Common Attributes.

Polygon Zone Attributes

In Polygons Link to the Maya polygon or a group of Maya polygons to check as a zone.
  • 2d: Check if the projection of the character root is in mapped polygons.
  • 3d: Check if the character root is inside the volume of mapped meshes.
Meshes are Deformable If the polygon zone will be deformed from frame to frame, enable this option, else let it disable for better performance.
Ignore Hidden Meshes If enabled, linked Maya meshes will not be taken into account.

Advanced Attributes

Max Raycast Distance Maximum distance (in crowd units) at which a polygon should be detected for the zone detection