Running Behaviors Simultaneously

As explained in Behaviors Main ConceptsBehaviors can be combined together in a Behavior Graph and run simultaneously with a Parallel Operator.

Create a Parallel Operator

To run several Behaviors in a Parallel Operator just drag-and-drop a Behavior or Behavior Container on another Behavior, or create a Parallel Operator and add to it some Behaviors.

Parallel Operator automatic creation using Behaviors drag'n drop

A Parallel Operator containing a Navigation Behavior and a Go To Behavior

Setup Parallel Operator, BEHAVIORS and Behavior Triggers

Configure the Parallel Operator "Exit Mode" attribute to stop when all Behaviors have ended or as soon as one has stopped.

Exit Mode Attribute of a Parallel Operator
Keep in mind that Behaviors in a Parallel Operator can start and stop at different times, according to their Triggers.

In the following example, several Motion Behaviors are used to play different animations on different body parts according to body masks.

A Parallel Operator containing three Motion Behavior