RedshiftUserData Shader

Redshift provides his own shaders to read and return user data: RedshiftUserDataInteger & RedshiftUserDataScalar. This data can be used to feed other shaders (such as a Crowd Switch Shader or a Crowd HSL Shader). Refer to the Shader Attributes page to know how to store user data in a mesh.

Result of a Get User Data Int Shader combined with a Crowd Switch Shader and different user data values.


To create a RedshiftUserData shader for Redshift, the Redshift plugin must be loaded.

  • Hypershade: Redshift / Shader / Utility / RedshiftUserDataInteger or RedshiftUserDataScalar
  • MEL command: createNode RedshiftUserDataInteger; / createNode RedshiftUserDataScalar;


Attribute Name Name of the user data attribute to read in the rendered mesh and which will be returned. The name of the user data should be the same than the one defined in the Shader Attributes of the Mesh.
Default Default value to return if the corresponding user data is not found

Shading Graph Integration

Their Shading Graph integration is similar to the Arnold shaders: GetUserDataScalar.