Group Entity Type

A Group Entity Type defines a group of characters in the crowd. Entities of the same group can navigate together. The Population Tool can instantiate particles based on Group Entity Types.


  • Golaem Shelf:  / right click / GroupEntityType Node
  • Golaem Menu: CrowdGroupEntityType Node
  • MEL command: glmCrowdGroupEntityTypeNodeCmd;


Group Type Id Unique id of the relative Group Entity Type.

Group Entity Type Attributes

In Behavior Container

Behavior Container attached to this type. A Behavior Container is automatically created with a Group Entity Type

Open the mapped Behavior Container in the Behavior Editor by clicking on 

Display Attributes

Display Color Color of the Group Entity belonging to this type
Display Color Weight Weight of the color of the Group Entity belonging to this type

Group Entity Type Attributes

In Dynamic Attributes Dynamic Attributes associated with the Group Entity Type. 


When a Group Entity Type is created, it is automatically registered in the Crowd Manager and, thus, is available to every Golaem node in the simulation
Sometimes you want to keep a base file with all your Group Entity Types, but only use some of them in your current scene. In these cases, it is possible to unregister a Group Entity Type so that it will not be used in the simulation. Alll that you have to do is to unmap it from the Crowd Manager.
To re-register a Group Entity Type, you can map it to the Crowd Manager.

Relation with Behaviors

As a Group Entity allows to control a group of Entities, only some specific Behaviors can be used. Those Behaviors are Go To, Navigation and Set Formation. Notice that the Set Formation Behavior is only available for Group Entity Types.