Profiled Events

Maya specific events

updateCachedProxyForCurrentFrame Load everything needed to display a cache proxy
loadCharacters Load character files from disk,
loadEntities Load/refresh entities to display (posture, mesh list)
crowdfield name Load everything needed to display the cache corresponding to a given crowdfield
loadEntitiesMeshAssetLists Compute the assets to be used for each entity

Golaem cache and layout events

glmHistoryRuntimeStructure Build the acceleration structure that allows  the computation of layout transformations
entitySelectors Perform the layout selectors operations
filter Perform the layout selectors filter operations
duplicateHistory Perform the history duplication for duplicated entities
glmCreateModifiedSimulationData Creation of a modified simulation data (load the source simulation data and apply layout)
createAndReadSimulationData Read a simulation data from disk
writeSimulationData Write a simulation data on disk
glmCreateModifiedFrameData Creation of a modified frame data (load the source frame data and apply layout)
readFrameData Read a frame data from disk
writeFrameData Write a frame data on disk
layoutTransformations Apply all layout transformation defined in the layout file
Node name and ID Apply a single node transformations on the cache (Node name and ID will be replaced by the real node name and ID)
groundAdaptation Perform the layout ground adaptation
groundAdaptation_Cloth Perform the transformations that need to be applied on cloth due to ground adaptation
balanceCacheMemoryBudget Check if the memory budget for the cache is full, and clean parts of the cache if it is the case
clearCache Clear the whole cache or parts of it

Golaem Render events

glmBeginGeometryGeneration Geometry generation for a frame to be render