Replace Shader

original, and result of a ReplaceShader layout node on guys with a black shader

The ReplaceShader node allows to allows to replace Shaders on specific entities. This operation takes a list of old/new shader names and applies to selected entities when the operation is created. The syntax is : oldShadeName;newShaderName; and can be chained for several replacements. Note that these replacement chains will be used for shader group name AND surface shader names (both can be used, depending on the rendering engine)

Add node

ReplaceShader node in the Layout Graph Edition panel

Node parameters

Parameters are accessible by double-clicking on the node in the Layout Graph Edition panel:

ReplaceShader node parameters

Name Name of the node
Active Whether the node is active or not

The string oldShaderName;newShaderName;[oldShaderName2;newShaderName2;][etc.]

For instance, the illustration image for this node was done with the string MAN_MD_torso_tshirt;MAN_MD_flag_stickFlag;MAN_MD_torso_sweatshirt;MAN_MD_flag_stickFlag

It is possible to use the '*' wildcard for the oldShaderName to replace all the Character File shaders at once.