Stadium Complete Video Tutorial

This series of video tutorial is the most up-to-date & convenient way of creating stadiums with Golaem. It shows the full workflow from character creation to final layout and rendering.

Other pages of this section (text-form) are tackling other aspects of stadium creation and can provide additional information.
Large simulation best practices may also be a good read in order to optimize render times

The following subjects are covered by the videos:

  • Stadium Tutorial 1 - Converting Characters
  • Stadium Tutorial 2 - Converting Animations
  • Stadium Tutorial 3 - Simple Mexican Wave Simulation
  • Stadium Tutorial 4 - Placing characters in stadium
  • Stadium Tutorial 5 - Layouting Characters
  • Stadium Tutorial 6 - Adding some flags
Click on the playlist button in the top-left corner of the video to display the playlist and be able to skip to a particular video