The Simulation Cache Layout Tool allows to apply deformation layers on a previously exported Simulation Cache displayed with a Simulation Cache Proxy. Those deformation layers are non destructive (ie they do not affect or modify exported Simulation Cache Files) and are saved into a Golaem Simulation Layout File (.gscl).

Edition of a Simulation Cache using the Simulation Cache Layout Tool.

To be able to use the Simulation Cache Layout Tool, a Simulation Cache Proxy must be created and selected in the scene.

To be renderable, the deformation layers should be saved in a Simulation Layout File (.gscl) using the Simulation Cache Layout Tool or when the Maya scene is saved. To disable the automatic save of the Simulation Layout File when the Maya scene is saved, use the GLMCROWD_LAYOUTSAVE_ENABLE environment variable

For a better understanding of the workflow of the Simulation Cache Layout, you can check the Rendering Workflow.