Switch Shader

The Switch Shader allows to vary the RGB output between multiple choices and based on static values or Shader Attributes. It is possible to connect more than 10 RGB input by connecting multiple Switch Shaders together.

The Switch Shader is available for all rendering engines under different node types. Those shaders are compatible with the Golaem Render Previz mode.


  • Hypershade:
    • For Arnold: CrowdSwitchShaderArnold
    • For Vray: Crowd SwitchShader VRay
    • For Renderman: glmCrowdRMS_RIS_SwitchShader
    • For Redshift: Crowd SwitchShader Redshift
    • For Maya viewport only: Crowd SwitchShader Previz
    • For OSL: available in GolaemDir/shaders/osl/glmSwitchOSL.osl


Selector Value of the RGB input to return (if Selector has a value of 1 and Start Offset has a value of 0, Shader 1 is returned). The value of this attribute can be set and controlled per Golaem Entity through an int Shader Attribute
Start Offset Offset to apply to the Selector value before returning the corresponding RGB input (if Selector has a value of 11 and Start Offset has a value of 10, Shader 1 is returned)
Default RGB input returned if the Selector is out of range
Shader 0-9 RGB input at index 0-9