Entity Type Attribute

An Entity Type Attribute defines a Golaem Attribute or a Maya per particle attribute attached to an Entity Type, as well as random bounds for setting its values to each Entity of this Entity Type. The value of an Entity Type attribute can be modified in various ways (ChannelOperator Behavior, ppExpression...), see Golaem Attributes Handling and ppAttributes Handling for more information.


  • Golaem Menu: CrowdEntityTypeAttribute Node
  • MEL command : glmCrowdEntityTypeAttributeNodeCmd;
  • With the Behavior Editor: Select Entity Types / right click / Add new EntityType Attribute. The attribute is automatically mapped to all selected nodes.
  • In the Entity Type Attribute Editor, click on the Add New EntityTypeAttribute button in the Golaem Attributes section
  • If an Entity Type is selected when the Entity Type Attribute is created, both nodes will be automatically connected.


Initial Value Attributes

Attribute Name Name of the attribute
Attribute Mode Can be a Golaem Attribute or a Maya Per-Particle Attribute
Attribute Type Type of the attribute, Float, Int or Vector
Random Min Random float or int value lower bound
Random Max Random float or int value upper bound
Random Min (Vector) Random Vector value lower bound
Random Max (Vector) Random Vector value upper bound

Advanced Attributes

Float Ramp The cuve ramp defines the distribution in the Min Max range defined above

Advanced Attributes

Auto Rename If checked, the Entity Type Attribute node will be automatically renamed with attribute name, each time it is changed