Driving Entities with nParticles

As Golaem Crowd is particle based you may want to drive your Golaem entities on a Maya Physics simulation.
Here is a workflow to use a physics simulation to drive Golaem entities.
1. Set your terrain as a nMesh passive collider.
2. Create a shape to fill with particles.
3. Fill with nParticles
4. Create a force field.
5. Test your simulation and  when you are happy with it create a Crowd Field  upon your particles.
6. Create a new EntityType and load your Golaem Character (Gcha).
7. Remove the terrain from the crowd Manager as we aren't going to use it.
8. In the Behavior editor, go inside your entityType Container  just add a Locomotion Behavior (fill it with your motions set) and an Adapt Orientation Behavior  (change its mode to velocity based). 
9. Play your simulation