Painted Zone Locator

A Painted Zone Locator is a paintable locator which can be used as a Behavior Trigger.

Example of a cheering behavior triggered when Entities are located in a red painted zone.



If the locator has been created through the Paint Tool Context, those parameters are automatically filled at its creation but are editable if needed.

In Mesh

Maya mesh on which the painted data will be projected


Resolution of the painted map. This goes from 256x256 to 4096x4096. Changing resolution resamples the map. Bigger map takes longer to save and uses more memory. 

A painted zone with 2048x2048 map

The same painted zone with a 256x256 map

Clear surface The surface should be cleared

Splines Render Period

The splines can be key framed. This period specify how often the splines will be rendered during simulation. A value of 0 means no render will be done automatically. A value of 1 means attached splines will be rendered in the surface every frame. A value of 10 for a render every ten frame. 

Splines Samples Controls the rendering quality. The number corresponds to the discrete points evaluated on the spline.
Use Surface Normals If Use Surface Normals is enabled, a dot-product is made between the surface normal and the vector between the surface point and the closest spline point. 
Add Spline Add a spline free slot where you can map a spline and specify its rendering attributes.

Rendering splines will erase the surface if at least one spline is enabled

Spline Attributes
  • Enable/disable check
  • Mapped spline
  • Radius around the spline that will influence surface
  • Spline paint color
  • Remove spline button