Battle Series

Note that there are also lots of step by step text tutorials for classic use cases such as Populating a Stadium, Populating City, Creating Formations,... in the GOLAEM CROWD and GOLAEM LAYOUT sections or the section dedicated to your favorite software (see Golaem for Houdini, Katana, Unreal,...)

#1 Archers / Dynamics
How to make archers shoot arrows and wounded characters fall

#2 Charging Armies
How to make soldiers charge at each others

#3 Formation Behaviors
Make soldiers walk in formation

#3 Bonus: SetFormation Behavior
Make soldiers walk in formation

#4 Catapults & Dynamics
How to crush soldiers using emitters and dynamic behaviors

#5 Final Shot
Use previous simulations to assemble the final shot of our battle

#Bonus Making arrows stick on characters
Make hitting arrows stick on your characters