Trigger Container

A Trigger Container (triContainer) is a set of Triggers and Trigger Operators connected together and resulting in a Trigger Graph (those Triggers/Operators are called children of this Trigger Container, which is known as their parent Trigger). This node may be mapped to a Behavior as start and stop condition and to some Behavior Operators.

Triggers and  Trigger Operators can be added to a Trigger Container and connected to each other. The root Trigger of the Trigger Container is the Trigger giving the result to the Trigger Container based on the previous linked Triggers and Trigger Operators.

Notice that adding a Trigger Container to another Trigger Container is forbidden. 

The Trigger Container is the only node which can be mapped to a Behavior as start and stop condition and it can be shared between different Behaviors.

It may be useful to share the same Trigger Container on different behaviors. In this case, a shared Trigger Container will become true or false at the same time for all attached behaviors. This can be useful for example, to start a Navigation Behavior and a Go To Behavior at the same time with a random trigger.

See Share Behavior Triggers Between Behaviors on the Behavior Editor Controls page


  • Golaem Menu: Crowd Triggers / CrowdTri Container Node
  • MEL command: glmCrowdTriContainerCmd;


Notice that those following attributes are automatically set by the Trigger Editor when behaviors are added, deleted or modified.

Container Attributes

Container attributes of a Trigger Container
Root Trigger Triggers or Trigger Operators used as root Trigger. Marked with . (click on  to select this Trigger in Maya, click on  to open this Trigger in the Trigger Editor).

A Trigger Container containing 5 children, OR Operator marked as root Trigger