Royal Render

Royal Render enables to define setenv files in order to set environment variables before starting to render.
See the Royal Render Documentation for more details: Maya Setup
What you need to do is to open the Royal Render Maya.bat file (which contains all the information about the environment of Royal Render's Maya) in the shared Royal render directory : \\royalRenderDir\render_apps\_setenv\win\maya.bat - This file is then automatically copied by Royal Render on each client machine.
Add the information in maya.bat to specify how to load Golaem Crowd and its procedurals.

For example if you did not instal the package locally on each render nodes, you need to specify the Maya Module Path in this file.


Notice that as Royal Render already defines some variables in the Maya.bat file, you need to be cautious and merge values if a variable is already defined.