Golaem allows to sequence motions simply by putting them one after another in the Behavior Editor

For the transition between these two motions to happen, a Stop Trigger should be set on the first Motion Behavior, so that it actually stops instead of looping or playing the last frame infinitely.

Simple Transitions

Without any particular setup, Golaem will starts blending the two motions together when the first Motion Behavior Stop Trigger is activated.

The blending duration can be controlled using each Motion Behavior starting/stopping duration

For more details see Simple Transitions

Custom Transitions

When selecting the arrow between the two Motion Behaviors, one can add a custom transition from the Maya Attribute Editor

This custom transition (blue zone in the below screenshot) enables to control exactly when Golaem will start blending motions together after the Stop Trigger is activated.

Its width also controls the duration of the blending.

For more details see Custom Transitions