Converting Mixamo Motions

1. Prepare a fbx file for your character (here the crowdMan from our samples).

For the fbx file to be able to be loaded by Mixamo make sure you choose the right export options.

The best is to choose the Autodesk Media & Entertainment preset to make sur Geometry, Skin and Skeleton are exported.

Then if you want to get the textures in Mixamo viewer (although it is useless because we will just use the animation output), you can check Embed Media to embed textures (but it will make you file take longer to upload)

Last but not least, select the FBX 2014/2015 fbx file format.

2. Open in the browser and sign into your Mixamo account. If you don’t have you can create, follow the sign up instructions on the webpage. Click on Browse animation to open the editor.
3. Upload the fbx character by clicking on the Upload Character button.
4. Note that because the character is made of different assets, they will overlap in the visualization viewport, but we do  not care about it as we will use just the output animation. Select the animation you need.
5. Edit the animation to suit the character
6. Click the download button to download your animation
7. Download the animations in Fbx format, you can even download it Without Skin, as we will just use the animation
8. In Maya open the downloaded fbx file and load the golaem character file (.gcha) for the character you uploaded.
Load the motion from the skeleton (select its root), compute the footprints and save the animation as a gmo.
9. You can now use your Golaem Motion in your simulations