Converting Mixamo Motions

1. Prepare a fbx file for your character (here the crowdMan from our samples) and make sure that the “embed media” option is selected when you export it. 

2. Open in the browser and sign into your Mixamo account. If you don’t have you can create, follow the sign up instructions on the webpage.
3. Upload the fbx character. More details on the requirements for the character are listed on the webpage
4. Select the animation you need.
5. If you do not see the animations on the character you uploaded, click Edit Character and select your character from the list.
6. Edit the animation to suit the character
7. Add the animations to the cart.
8. Download the animations in Fbx format.
9. In Maya open the downloaded fbx file and load the golaem character file (.gcha).  Load the motion from the skeleton (select its root), compute the footprints and save the animation as a gmo.