Motion Clip

A Motion Clip is a node containing a motion file (.gmo) which can be played in a Motion Behavior or a Locomotion Behavior. The Motion Clip provides information about the contained motion file (duration, framerate, velocity...) and tools to edit it in a non-destructive way.


  • CrowdMenu: Crowd Behaviors / Motion Clip Nodes
  • MEL command: glmMotionClipCmd;

Notice that most of the time it is useless to create a Motion Clip manually as both the Motion Behavior and the Locomotion Behavior provide an interface to handle Motion Clips.


A Motion Clip can be previewed in the Motion Clip Preview tool.


Motion File Attributes

Motion Clip Id Unique id of the Motion Clip
Motion File Motion file (.gmo) to play and/or edit
Force Flat Ground This attribute tells Golaem that the animation was done on a flat ground, and allows the engine to do some optimizations knowing that. Disable this for animations that are going up or down (like climbing stairs, ...)

Notice that the following attributes are not editable and filled only when a motion file is loaded:

Number Of Frames Number of frames of the motion file
Frame Rate Framerate of the motion file. Thus, Motion D