Shot Creation

Note that there are also lots of step by step text tutorials for classic use cases such as Populating a Stadium, Populating City, Creating Formations, Rendering in your favorite software... in the GOLAEM CROWD, GOLAEM LAYOUT, and RENDERING sections

Golaem Live! Behaviors & Triggers
How to give life to your characters and make them react to events

Golaem Live! Making Characters Walk Around
How to make your characters move into your shots

Trigger Editor
Create advanced conditions for starting/stopping behaviors

Golaem Live! Covid Simulation
Use advanced behavior creation tools (ChOps) to simulate covid spreading

Golaem Live! Making Physics interact with the environment
How to use Crowd Rigid Bodies to make characters interact with the environment

Golaem Live! Cloth Simulation
Learn how to simulate cloth efficiently with Golaem

Emitters & Kill Behaviors
Emit and kill characters during simulation

Golaem Live! Flock Simulation
Simulate birds, insects, fishes with Golaem flock behaviors

Golaem Live! Traffic Simulation
Simulate traffic with Golaem from a simple curve network input

Constraining Passengers to Cars
Populate your cars with Golaem Characters using Master/Slave behaviors

Scattering Tools
Scatter objects in your scenes