glmEmitParticles command provides a way to create, replace or append a Particle System like the Population Tool does.
glmEmitParticles [-populationTool string] [-replace string] [-append string]


Long name (short name) Argument types Properties Description
-populationTool (-pt) string multi-use defines the source Population Tool from which Particle System properties are extracted
-replace (-rpl) string   defines the Particle System replaced with the source Population Tool's Particle System.
-append (-app) string   defines the Particle System append to the source Population Tool's Particle System.

Return Value

This command returns nothing

MEL Examples

// emit particles from a single populationTool in a particleSystem
glmEmitParticles -populationTool "myPopToolShape1" ;
// emit particles from several populationTools in a single particleSystem
glmEmitParticles -populationTool "myPopToolShape1" -populationTool "myPopToolShape2" -populationTool "myPopToolShape3";
// replace particleSystem "particleShape1" with populationTool "myPopToolShape1" particleSystem
glmEmitParticles -populationTool "myPopToolShape1" -replace "particleShape1" ;
// append particles to particleSystem "particleShape1" with a populationTool "myPopToolShape1" particleSystem particles
glmEmitParticles -populationTool "myPopToolShape1" -append"particleShape1" ;