Basic Workflow

Before starting to use Physics Behaviors with your own characters, you should check that they are correctly set up for physics with this tutorial.

Initial Setup

Note: You can find the corresponding maya scene file ( in the Golaem Crowd Samples

The initial setup is very similar to a classical stadium, some people playing a loop sit motion at random, and a keyframed UFO flying over. When the UFO reaches the center of the character group, it starts spinning (still keyframe) and will suck up characters.

Here is an example made by Fullframe Filmes (see full video at the bottom of this page).

Create two EntityTypes. Characters from EntityType1 will be influenced by the UFO, and not the others (EntityType2). In order to easily differenciate them, EntityType1 will be displayed using "Dynamic Shape" mode, and EntityType2 using "Render Previz" mode.

You can have a look at the Quickstart if you want to know how to create the initial setup

Each EntityType has a