Using renderer compatibility procedurals

In order to avoid plugin loading conflicts, the Golaem Installer only installs one rendering plugin per renderer. This version can be checked in the Supported Rendering Engine section of each version of the Release Notes.

For some rendering engines, several versions of the Golaem rendering plugin are available. These versions can be checked in the Also Supported section of each version of the Release Notes. Even if they're extracted during installation, those plugins need to be manually installed to replace the default installed one:

When copying plugins from the compatibility directory to the main directory, make sure to remove previous versions of plugins already existing in the main directory. Else the two versions of the plugins will conflict together.


Copy glmCrowdArnoldXXPlugin from ./procedurals/compatibility/ to ./procedurals/ and rename it to glmCrowdArnoldPlugin
Copy glmCrowdArnoldXXShaders from ./shaders/compatibility/ to ./shaders/ and rename to glmCrowdArnoldShaders


Copy vray_glmCrowdVRayXXPlugin from ./procedurals/compatibility/ to ./procedurals/ and rename it to vray_glmCrowdVRayPlugin


Copy glmCrowdRedShiftXXPlugin_redshift from ./procedurals/compatibility/ to ./procedurals/ and rename it to glmCrowdRedShiftPlugin_redshift


Copy glmCrowdRMSXXPlugin from ./procedurals/compatibility/ to ./procedurals/ and rename it to glmCrowdRMSPlugin
Copy glmCrowdRMSXX_RIS_HSLShader from ./shaders/compatibility/ to ./shaders/ and rename to glmCrowdRMS_RIS_HSLShader
Copy glmCrowdRMSXX_RIS_SwitchShader from ./shaders/compatibility/ to ./shaders/ and rename to glmCrowdRMS_RIS_SwitchShader