License Types

There are two different types of commercial licenses available for Golaem:

  • Full License: allows to run every feature of the software (even the Layout License features)
  • Layout License: allows to view, edit Simulation Caches or batch export simulations

One of these licenses is required to run Golaem for production on an artist workstation, NOT for the render nodes.

In order to learn or test Golaem, a PLE license can be used but every render from scene or simulation caches done with this version will bear watermarks.

All commands modifying simulation or assets will draw a license on the calling machine, a license is NOT needed for rendering using a proxy or procedural shaders.

See below the details of which features are available depending on the type of license:

  Full License

Layout License
(Golaem Layout)

PLE License No License
Using the Golaemizator to create character files, motions or caches  
Using the Character Maker to edit skeleton or motions    
Using the Character Maker to edit geometry or shaders  
Emitting particles with the Population Tool    
Using the Paint Tool to paint simulation attributes    
Using the Paint Tool to paint killed entities  
Using the Behavior Editor    
Running a Simulation    
Exporting / Batch Exporting a Simulation with watermark  
Creating Shaders for a Character
Rendering a Simulation (either single node or renderfarm) with watermark
Replaying a Cached Simulation with watermark  
Editing a Cached Simulation with watermark  
Opening the About Window (Golaem Menu / About)

Force the fetch of a Golaem Layout License

By default, Golaem draws a Full License. If you want an artist workstation or a batch export node to fetch by default a Layout License, set the GLMCROWD_LAYOUT_LICENSE environment variable to 1.

Force the fetch of no License

By default, Golaem draws a Full License, a Layout License or a PLE License. If you want a render node to skip the fetch of a Golaem license, set the GLMCROWD_NO_LICENSE environment variable to 1.

Force the fetch of no PLE License

By default, if Golaem can not find a Full License or a Layout License, it draws a PLE License which may watermark all the Golaem files which will be saved from it. If you want to skip the fetch of a Golaem PLE license, set the GLMCROWD_NO_PLE environment variable to 1.

Batch Export a Golaem Simulation

Note that for batch export, the GLMCROWD_BATCH_ENABLE must be set and nodes be updated at each frame. The command glmBatchCrowdSimulationExporter set this variable temporary when called.