Set Shader Attribute

Original rendering, and result rendering of a SetShaderAttribute layout node : the t-shirt texture index attribute has been forced to a single value (red and yellow t-shirts) for entities on the left.

The SetShaderAttribute node forces the value of some specified shader attributes, on the affected Entities. The result is only in rendering as the shader attributes are not handled by previsualization.

Add node

SetShaderAttribute node in the Layout Graph Edition panel

Node parameters

Parameters are accessible by double-clicking on the node in the Layout Graph Edition panel:

SetShaderAttribute node parameters

Name Name of the node
Active Whether the node is active or not
shaderAttribute nameOfTheShaderAttrToOverride newValue[;nameOfTheShaderAttrToOverride2 newValue2][etc.]. It is also possible to randomize the value by using the following template nameOfTheShaderAttrToOverride newValueMin newValueMax;