The glmTerrainFileRaycast command allows to get elevations and normals of a Golaem Terrain File (.gtg) at some specific positions :
floatArray glmTerrainFileRaycast [-terrainFile string] [-frame int] [-positions float float float]


Long name (short name) Argument types Properties Description
-terrainFile (-tf) string mandatory File path to the Character File to get / set.
-frame (-fr) int   Frame at which the terrain file will be evaluated (0 by default)
-positions (-pos) float float float mandatory, multi-use Positions at which the elevations and normals will be returned

Return Value

This command returns 6 values per positions: 3 for the terrain position (including elevation), 3 for the normal at the terrain position. Notice that the returned X and Z component of the return terrain position will be the same than the input X and Z position.

MEL Examples

glmTerrainFileRaycast -terrainFile "C:/terrain.gtg" -positions 0 0 0 -positions 1 0 1;
// Result: 0 6.029333 0 15.881 18.812 1.044 1 5.889918 1 12.124 21.123 -1.4918 //