Defining Geometry

Golaem Crowd allows to list all the meshes and shaders of a Character and define the rules about how those meshes will be distributed amongst the Entities. It consists of two steps:

This geometry definition is done using the Geometry Tab of the Character Maker.

Defining the Character Assets

In the example below, we will use the /golaem/shaders/ scene from the Character Pack. To be able to define the Geometry of the Character in the Character Maker, first you need to convert its skeleton.

Samples Pack Character

Importing Assets from Maya

The Character Maker is able to import the Geometry Assets of a Character according to its mesh hierarchy in Maya. To import all the assets, select the MAN_MD_parts transform and click on the Import Geometry button . Each transform will be imported as an Asset Group node, and each mesh as a Mesh Asset node. The shading groups and shaders will also be imported as Shading Group nodes and Shader Asset nodes. Any connected user data shaders are imported as Shader Attribute nodes