Golaem 5.3.3 (2016/12/19)

New Features

  • New MeshPin Behavior to remap simulations on a specific Mesh Space
  • Collision detection between slots of different Population Tool Locators


  • Distance X & Z in the Population Tool Locator
  • Noise X & Z in the Population Tool Locator
  • Mesh Object Id Mode in the Render Proxy
  • New flags characterFileId, meshIds, shaderAttributeValue in glmSimulationCacheTool command
  • Redshift shading variation is taking into account when importing geometry in the Character Maker
  • Redshift rendering proxy takes Render Proxy time into account
  • A default Rendering Type is created when a new Character is initialized in the Character Maker
  • Raycast distance for Polygon Triggers can be configured
  • Contextual menu to remove the tip on Effectors in the Character Maker
  • Added displacement information to the vrscene exporter for 3ds Max
  • SyncMotion Behavior can be used without any transform
  • New option to keep the original animation orientation in the SyncMotion Behavior

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when using multiple VrayGolaem nodes in 3ds Max
  • Fixed a crash when exiting Maya with External Entities
  • Fixed a crash when doing a Play Backward next to the simulation start frame
  • Fixed shaderAttribute flag in glmCharacterFileTool command
  • Fixed Cache Proxy Library Item creation when in Component Mode
  • Fixed transform parameter when rendering with Renderman
  • Fixed FBX To GCG Conversion ignoring some meshes (based on wrong material assertion)
  • Fixed FBX Export (Animation Mode) when using Rigid Meshes
  • Fixed PLE license when using instanced in Redshift


  • Switched viewport 2 rendering to subscene override to be compliant with Maya 2016.5 and 2017
  • Forced coronal and transverse IK Planes when detecting a biped in the Character Maker
  • Shader Importer triggers every time a Character File is loaded
  • "Add all" button in WeightList controllers
  • Contextual select in TextScrollListMapping controllers
  • Layout files are now per Simulation Cache Proxy (instead of per CrowdField)


  • New glmSceneLicenseCheck command

Supported Rendering Engines

  • Mtoa 1.4.0 & 1.3.X / Arnold Core 4.2.X
  • V-Ray For Maya 3.40.XX & 3.30.XX
  • V-Ray For 3ds Max 3.30.XX
  • Renderman Studio 21.X
  • Mental Ray For Maya (any version)
  • Redshift 2.0.76
  • 3Delight Studio Pro 11.0.XX
  • Guerilla Render 1.4.4
  • Katana 2.X (Arnold and Renderman)