Golaem Crowd 1.3 (2011/11/07)

New Features

  • CrowdField: a mesh (animated or not) can be added as a ground support in addition to the navMesh
  • IK Behavior: New behavior to add a kinematic constraint on a body chain (arms, legs)
  • LookAt Behavior: New behavior to make a character look at a specific position


  • New icons for Golaem Crowd object in the Hypergraph & the Outliner
  • RenderMan, 3Delight & RenderManCompliant plugins: huge memory optimization
  • Simulation Tool: FBX export now has 3 modes that are easier to understand
  • Asset Manager: added the ability to rename, duplicate, drag&drop items
  • Asset Manager: the same mesh can now be used more than one mesh asset
  • CrowdField: locomotion is better computed in stairs

Bug fixes

  • Renderer plugins: fixed a bug that causes a crash when using motion blur when the motion blur window is not an integer
  • Asset Manager: fixed a bug that prevented adding an empty asset from Maya
  • AvoidanceField: fixed a bug when skipping avoidance update
  • Simulation Tool: FBX & renderer export: an error message is displayed in the script editor when no asset management file has been saved
  • Simulation Tool: FBX & renderer export: the user is prompted to save the assets management window
  • Simulation Tool: FBX & renderer export: fixed a crash when using a rendering type with a group having no asset
  • Fixed multi-platform file paths compatibility
  • Entity Surface Shape: fixed some OpenGl flags causing Maya crashes in some cases
  • Entity Surface Shape: fixed wireframe issues
  • CrowdField: fixed a bug that made people fly when walking upon obstacles