Golaem Crowd 1.4 (2012/03/15)

New Features

  • Mental Ray procedural plugin
  • RendermanStudioForMaya procedural plugin
  • CrowdField: Instance Entities - entities (far from the pov) can be now declared as instances (not simulated, just generated at render time from an animated fbx file) - allows handling thousand of entities with amazing performances
  • PopulationTool: added generation on mesh (can be dynamic)
  • AvoidanceTargetLocator: new scatter attribute
  • AvoidanceField: new boldness attribute
  • AvoidanceField: new personal Space Radius attribute
  • AvoidanceField: new onTargetReached enum attribute to control what to do when a target is reached (stop, pick next target, pick random target), valid for mode random target and target pool
  • AvoidanceField: new target mode - targetIdPP to affect manually a target to each particle
  • GeometryGroup: an AssetManager Character can now have several character geometries - this can be used to animate geometry which is not taken into account by the animation engine


  • SimulationTool: Python binding for the tool
  • SimulationTool: Interface & menus improvement
  • PopulationTool: huge performance improvement - particle generation is now a MpxCommand (instead of a MEL command) = 200k particles in 8sec
  • Asset Manager: repartition weight in an Asset Group of a rendering type can be set to 50
  • Asset Manager: CAM file path is displayed in the status bar
  • AvoidanceField: new EntityHeight attribute (useful for not-in-cms scenes)

Bug fixes

  • PopulationTool: fixed noise for point & quad tools
  • PopulationTool: fixed transparency issues in locator display
  • PopulationTool: fixed multipoints tool
  • PopulationTool: fixed nParticles generation
  • Skeleton Motion Converter: fixed Qt window crash with Linux
  • CrowdField: fixed 0-lifespan particles
  • CrowdField: motion cache is now cleared between two simulations
  • Simulation Tool: fixed start & end frames for export
  • Simulation Tool: fixed crash when exporting in empty directory
  • BehaviorNode: fixed context menu for BehaviorNode creation
  • VRay: handle special characters in node, scene & shader names