Golaem Crowd 2.0 (2012/08/07)

New Features

  • Behavior Editor: create and assemble sophisticated behaviors with this new graphical editor.
  • Ragdoll Behavior: simulate falling or exploding characters in a snap
  • Formations Behavior: keep character’s formation shape while navigating
  • GPU Character Previzualisation: preview simulation with skinned meshes proxies directly in the Maya viewport.


  • Multithread & Optimization: Golaem Crowd 2.0 is up to 15x quicker thanks to its new multithreaded and optimized simulation engine.
  • Faster Navmesh Computation Method: compute navmesh at the speed of light (from several minutes to a few seconds depending on the terrain)
  • Enhanced LookAt & IK behaviors: get greater control on characters
  • New Triggers: control behaviors with frame number, volumetric triggers, or Python scripting...