Golaem Crowd 2.1 (2012/10/23)

New Features

  • Renderman Studio Proxy for Maya Rendering
  • V-Ray Proxy for Maya rendering
  • Behavior import/export to library


  • Single procedural call per frame for Renderman & MentalRay
  • Single procedural call per render for VRay
  • Renderman & 3delight plugins now thread safe
  • Mental Ray rendering is up to 10x faster
  • More error/warning messages for MentalRay rendering
  • More error/warning messages at FBX export from Asset Manager
  • Simulation export: maya scene name has the suffix Crowd (avoids potential name conflicts)
  • Reset shaders now works with the current selection
  • BehaviorEditor trigger highlighting
  • BehaviorEditor new boolean trigger in order to have a true and false trigger in every trigger combo box
  • More entries BehaviorEditor contextual menu
  • No more "from FBX" character creation
  • No bone radius for skeleton shape rendering in previz

Bug fixes

  • Fix population tool display bug : all entities were displayed with the same color
  • Fix skeleton motion converter display bug : root bone button was not displayed
  • Fix entity shape surface : entities were not shaded correctly on some graphic configuration 
  • CrowdIO: normals are properly computed, sharp angles are no longer smoothed!
  • BehaviorEditor trigger sharing
  • Asset Manager: Fix random int shader parameter sampling