Golaem Crowd 2.2 (2013/01/11)

New Features

  • Procedural rendering plugin, proxy and shaders for Arnold
  • New plugin CrowdRender to handle render proxies in Maya (does not require a license)
  • Procedural shaders for VRay
  • Multi material support for all renderers
  • Added crowd unit in CrowdMangerNode to centralize the scale ratio
  • Distance trigger
  • nParticles are now taken into account natively with the CrowdField
  • New popTool mode able to take any selection component into account (vertices, faces, edges...)
  • MEL Command "replaceMaterialType()" to replace a material type with another (for Arnold and Phong not supported)


  • Multi selection available between Maya and the Behavior Editor (shift key)
  • Poptool per-particle index rendering
  • Show/hide poptool annotation
  • NavMesh Tool: Voxel Subdivision uses tiles to compute large environments. Added warning when voxel count is huge (> 100 million).
  • New display for the Enternal Entity Locator
  • Uniformization of the rendering proxies (it is now possible to add different rendering proxies in a same scene)
  • Default material in VRay when shaders are missing is now orange 
  • MentalRay plugin: Small performance increase
  • Support RenderMan Studio 4.0 (Maya 2012 & 2013 64-bit only) and RenderMan Pro Server 17.2 (64-bit only)
  • FAQ link from CrowdRender plugin
  • Load/Save windows uniformisation
  • BeNavigation: Default acceleration set to 10
  • BeNavigation: No more max speed

Bug fixes

  • Correction on arm bones orientation when playing a motion
  • PopTool: Mesh scale is taken into account (when linked to it)
  • Fixed reparenting behavior problems in the Outliner
  • Fixed trigger reevaluation in Alt operator
  • Fixed transparency and alpha in MRay shaders
  • Fixed randomness in NoOrder operator
  • Fixed crash at fbx eport (single file)
  • Fixed crash when exporting entities without a skeleton/mapping file
  • Fix auto-map between Goto Targets and Goto Behaviors
  • Asset Manager: Fix bug when adding a new geometry file
  • Rendering: Fix crash when with motion blur samples <= 1
  • Mental Ray plugin: Fix the alpha channel


  • Information about how to install Windows and Linux packages in silent mode
  • Update for Asset Manager
  • Documentation for Crowd Unit
  • Documentation for Arnold proxy
  • Documentation for VRay procedural shaders