Golaem Crowd 2.3.1 (2013/03/18)

New Features

  • Constraint Behavior to constrain a Maya Object to a CrowdEntity bone


  • Simulation can be exported and rendered if no skeleton file is loaded
  • Several GeoBehaviors can be played in a simulation (and triggered)
  • New Front axis parameter in CrowdBeGeometry (if not blended)
  • New Geometry speed parameter in CrowdBeGeometry to automatically adapt the replay to the particle velocity
  • File browser now uses workspace for files with the same extension
  • More parameters to control the CrowdBeAvoidance behavior
  • More parameters to control the CrowdBeLookAt behavior: max speed, head/neck/bust percent, start/stop duration

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when adding particles to an existing particle system with the population tool
  • Fixed CrowdBeGeometry interpolation of geometry frame values when moblur is enabled
  • Refresh properly the Skinned Mesh interface for one bone/mesh
  • Fixed character world position in not blended GeometryBehavior
  • Fixed Motion Files removing in CrowdBeMotion when brackets in the file path


  • Information about the CrowdBeConstraint behavior
  • Information about the CrowdBeGeoemtry behavior
  • Information about rendering crowd with Kick (for Arnold)