Golaem Crowd 2.3.2 (2013/04/11)

New Features

  • BehaviorTime trigger which can stop a behavior when it has been played XX frames and/or seconds


  • CrowdBeAdaptOrientation: Take 3d orientation into account (and bank) for spiders, birds...
  • CrowdBeConstraint: Can add keyframes to constrained objects
  • Remove limitation that required more than one bone morphology
  • Surface shape can render baked animation geometry
  • Surface shape skinned mesh take 3d orientation into account
  • Ctrl+s in the Simulation Tool is taken into account
  • CrowdBeNavigation: Parameter to control the max number of perceived entities
  • CrowdBeGeometry: Add -x & -z front axis to the GeoBehavior
  • More parameters to control the CrowdBeLookAt behavior: max speed, head/neck/bust percent, start/stop duration
  • Change in the timeToTurnAround mechanism (locomotion, navigation, adaptOrientation)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed critical crash with Skinned Mesh display of Surface shape
  • Fixed crash when the first renderingTypeId is not 0
  • Fixed null lifespan particle simulation
  • Fixed error message when a behavior has an invalid motion and was out of the flow
  • Fixed Crowd menu position and appearance in Maya
  • Fixed import custom behaviors