Golaem Crowd 2.4 (2013/04/29)

New Features

  • Synchronous/Asynchronous parrallel operator mode (to be able to choose if a parrallel operator should ends before all included behaviors ends)


  • Crowd tool windows are maximized when called through their shelf button (if previously minimized)
  • Add unlock button to the CrowdManagerNode (to be able to delete it easily if needed)
  • Razor tool to cut controlflows in the Behavior Editor (Alt+LeftClick)
  • Lock scale for the GotoTargetLocator 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed 3Delight Proxy rib file path completion
  • Fixed crash when a Behavior container was added in contained operator
  • Fixed crash when batch-rendering frames with missing simulation cache with Arnold
  • Fixed main container changing when an entityType was selected at Behavior container creation
  • Color bug fix for fixed pipeline opengl